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Your Questions Answered

Last week we asked you to submit any and every question that you had about our 3-day liaison training workshop. We received several questions such as:

“I’m concerned that the training will focus on the liaison role within health systems or hospitals. How can I show my leadership that this would benefit our relatively small 3 site ophthalmology practice? “

“Our team has experienced and beginner liaisons on it, what level of experience is this course targeting? Thank you.”

“It is becoming more difficult to get face time with physicians. As a new liaison in a specialty hospital that didn’t have a liaison program how can you get into physician offices? “

“I’ve never been to the St. Louis area. I’d like to know what’s happening there during April.”

Surprisingly enough, we can categorize most questions into two main groups. 1 – Is this training for everyone…seasoned and new liaisons? and 2 – Does this apply to any size organization? Tammy Tiller-Hewitt responds quickly in this week’s video – check it out below.

Don’t forget that early bird pricing expires on March 6th.