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Virtual Training. Managers Only.

Attend a 2-Day Virtual Training Workshop Exclusively for Managers of Professional Sales and Outreach Teams.

Tiller-Hewitt has launched and managed hundreds of Outreach Programs and teams over the past 20 years. Our Make it Matter for Managers Only workshop will provide the required techniques and skill set needed to successfully lead a professional sales and outreach team.

Two Interactive Training Days

  • Make Leadership Matter - You will not only improve your individual selling skills, but also learn best practices for recruiting, training, building, and managing high-performing sales teams.
  • Learn our proven techniques for yourself and your team.
    • Make Communication Matter – If you cannot communicate effectively, managing a team will be impossible!
    • Make Time Matter
    • Make Strategy & Data Matter
    • The Great Divide – The Great Separator

The Partner That Produces Results

Get started with a complimentary strategy call to pinpoint your most pressing
challenges and areas of greatest opportunity.

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