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Prove Your Value – Stay in the Field

Prove Your Value – Stay in the Field

In this week’s Friday from the Field video, we show you the number one way to help liaisons, just like you, PROVE your value. Stay. In. The. Field!

We are kicking off our #PhysicianLiaisonInsider mini-series with Lauren, a physician liaison in the Mid-West who is making calls on a cold, snowy day alongside her Tiller-Hewitt manager, Kim Grant.

Your value as a liaison is in the field, with your providers. Watch this week’s video as Lauren stays in the field and Kim gives real world examples of how liaisons have proven their value time and time again by staying in the field and asking the right questions.

If you are have trouble staying in the field and meeting your weekly call goals, take a look at one of our past Friday From the Field videos, Staying in the Field and Out of Meetings.

Don’t make excuses, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Invest in a good pair of shoes, stock-up the car with collaterals and stay in the field for the most successful results!

Do you have a story to share? Check out the details for our #PhysicianLiaisonInsider mini-series!

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