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Millennial Physicians – Do we "get" them?

Millennial Physicians – Do we "get" them?

We often hear members of our medical staff comment: “I just don’t get the Millennial doctors.”

But guess what? It’s absolutely vital to “get” them – meaning both to understand them and to recruit them into our practices. Even more importantly: we must keep them.

Our guest today, Amelie Karam, is a national expert, author, speaker, and consultant on the Millennial workforce. She recently conducted a survey of Millennial physicians with a goal of a better understanding of how to attract and retain this specific age group in healthcare organizations today. Amelie outlines their top priorities:

  1. To be part of a strong community.
  2. To have a strong work-life balance.
  3. To be treated as an individual.

For more information on the Millennial Physician Survey, email Amelie Karam.

Now You Know – What Can You do?

Wondering how communication “cracks” might be impacting retention of physicians at all career stages? Take a look at our Humpty Dumpty and Physician-Hospital Relations blog, where we discuss the fact that 80% of physician dissatisfaction is related to poor communication. Check out our training resources, which include an entire module on effective communication, and our comprehensive onboarding program which effectively engages new physicians.

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