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Women’s Medicine: Are Healthcare Leaders Ready to Look, Listen and Act?

Women’s Medicine: Are Healthcare Leaders Ready to Look, Listen and Act?

Cameron McGregorWelcome to our guest author, an accomplished healthcare leader and Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Liaison Legend. Cameron and Tammy Tiller-Hewitt started working together early in Cameron’s career as a liaison at Mercy Health. Their relationship continued as Cameron progressed through leadership roles at Premier Health and beyond. Tammy and her team have successfully executed strategic growth programs at Premier and hundreds of healthcare organizations like them. Cameron and Tammy are frequently featured at national forums on strategic growth and leadership development. We salute Cameron’s commitment to the transformation of women’s health.

We have reached an inflection point in women’s medicine and healthcare – it is now central to the cultural dialogue. But change isn’t just about listening and talking. It’s about acting. That’s why we started Ms.Medicine.

Ms.Medicine is not your ordinary company. We do not intend to become one.

We are elevating the standard of care for women by leveraging an elite network of women’s health providers across the country who practice evidence-based care. Not cash based procedures. Not aesthetics. Not medical spas. Those things might be fine, but they are not for us.

Serving our patients is at the heart of what we do and is our number one priority.

We believe healthcare providers deliver the best care when they have time and resources. Seeing 28+ patients a day makes that almost impossible. Ten minutes is the length of an average visit with a primary care physician.

Ten. Minutes.

Not a lot you can cover there. Not meaningfully, anyway.

It’s no wonder such a high number of providers are exhausted…disillusioned with a field they once loved. They love taking care of patients. Not health systems’ referral bases, not insurance companies’ pre-certifications and paperwork, just patients.

In our typical day, our providers see 12-16 patients for 30-60 minutes at a time. They decide how much time to spend with their patient. No one else – other than the patient and provider – gets a say. Our model helps them to work effectively to take exceptional care of women. The result is care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately better for the patient, the health systems they use, and their insurers.

We are proud of the model we have built, and we hope to add even more business lines in the future that will continue this important work. Ms.Medicine is becoming a significant player in the women’s health space. That takes time and talent.

Speaking of talent, our team is our strength. We are focused on attracting and leveraging the talent of exceptional clinicians and businesspeople. We have some of the most brilliant stars in their fields who were attracted to us because of how we are changing healthcare. For good.

Patients trust us to help them with their most important asset: their health. Our model is the best one we know. We work hard to ensure women are cared for in the way they deserve, with all their health needs being met by a team of providers who are relentless in their passion.

We believe the time to put all the talk into action is now. Women deserve the attention we are so used to giving others. We deserve to be heard and seen and understood when we talk about our health. We deserve to ask questions and get answers that are actionable and meaningful. We deserve to be represented in medical and pharmaceutical research equally with men. We deserve strong bones, fit hearts, and healthy brains. We deserve attention to our sexual health. We deserve to live pain-free and shame-free. We deserve to be treated with respect.

We deserve exceptional care. Ms. Medicine delivers it.