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Leadership Insights: Three Key “Pairings” to Amplify Customer Activation

Leadership Insights: Three Key “Pairings” to Amplify Customer Activation

World-famous chefs and sommeliers know the power of pairing food and wine to “wow” their diners with an exceptional experience. That’s how they build a legendary reputation and grow their franchise.

In healthcare, the complexity of delivering quality care and an exceptional customer experience presents an entirely different class of challenge. Maintaining an engaged workforce and healthy finances only compounds that challenge.

Nevertheless, the key principle remains the same: Create an exceptional experience for people to get and stay healthy by combining teams and tools in new and better ways.

Four healthcare experts share their advice and “pairing” solutions to deliver the frictionless experience your customers deserve while achieving the smart, strategic growth your organization needs.

Rapid Results and Sustainability

Short-term growth keeps organizations steady on the path to long-term sustainability. With limited resources, leaders are constantly performing a balancing act between fast wins that drive short-term results while staying on track toward a sustainable future. But those choices aren’t mutually exclusive.

“Long-term sustainability requires you to develop a lifetime relationship with your patient base and take care of more of their needs,” said Jon Barlow, Vice President, Consumer Innovation, Vizient/SG2. “That’s good business long-term; and short-term growth wins will fund ongoing efforts to improve your customer experience.”

Analytics and Action

Most health systems are swimming in data but often struggle to close the gaps between the patient journeys and provider referral patterns. With the right tools, you can now connect claims, EMR and other internally generated referral data. Combined with qualitative inputs from stakeholders and a robust physician relationship management (PRM) platform, you can prioritize, build and execute a rapid-impact strategic growth playbook that optimizes access and powers up your outreach efforts.

“It's not enough anymore just to have the data intelligence to show the gaps and opportunities,” said Thomas Tiller II, Chief Operating Officer, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies. “You need a playbook to stop leakage and improve referrals for strategic business lines, and adopt the tools for holding teams accountable for execution.”

Virtual Tools and Human Touch

The pandemic accelerated consumer acceptance of virtual technology in their healthcare experience. But the rush toward technology solutions is yielding mixed results. Research has shown that few organizations feel they have the capabilities to execute a best-in-class model.

“What really moves the needle is lifting the best parts of the healthcare experience out of the expensive, time-intensive clinical setting and putting it into the comfortable, consumer space,” said Adrian Lawrence, Chief Technology Officer, ShareMD Connect. “One-to-one communication and empathy-based education with a healthcare professional enables you to engage the right patients at the right time with the right practices.”

Getting Started

Breaking down silos and access barriers that cause friction for healthcare consumers is a challenge.

To get started, first ask yourself:

  • Does our health system offer the path of least resistance to our customers?
  • What can we do in the “now” via our current footprint and service offerings to accommodate the rapid, strategic growth that is out there to be gained?

“Access barriers often masquerade as capacity issues,” said Tammy Tiller-Hewitt, MHA, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies. “An operational assessment not only reveals the barriers we can quickly fix, but it achieves stakeholder buy-in to execute access improvement and outreach programs that consistently produce over $100 million in incremental top line revenue.”

Solutions that pair the right teams and tools can drive multi-million dollar ROI in the first year to fund the investments you need for strategic growth far into the future.

Learn from Your Peers

Tiller-Hewitt’s leadership resources feature senior leaders who bring strategic growth solutions and case studies to life. They focus on practical ways to prioritize and execute initiatives proven to drive rapid impact strategic growth through intentional, transparent engagement with physicians, patients, communities, payers and even competitors.