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4 Smart Growth Moves for Healthcare Leaders 2024

4 Smart Growth Moves for Healthcare Leaders 2024

Healthcare Leaders Must Focus on Solutions that Drive Near-term ROI

In 2024, hospitals, health systems, and physician organizations face the dual challenge of escalating costs and intensifying encroachment from market disruptors. These market conditions require healthcare leaders to drive return on investment from near-term strategic growth initiatives, which fund long-term sustainability.

“Successful healthcare leaders know they can’t cut their way to growth and wait for long-term initiatives to produce results,” said Tammy Tiller-Hewitt, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer of Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies. “Instead, they focus on strategic growth solutions that produce near-term ROI.”

A rapid-impact growth strategy that integrates these four key solutions will make 2024 a year of leadership impact:

1. Remove Access Barriers and Friction

Access barriers masquerading as capacity issues can be revealed and resolved through a strategic growth readiness assessment, supported by robust data analytics and rapid-cycle process improvements. This is the fastest way to unlock hidden capacity, eliminate barriers to access, mitigate leakage, and prepare the organization for immediate, measurable strategic growth.

2. Engage and Activate Consumers

On average, health systems spend $1 million per hospital on marketing initiatives without a clear path for converting the investment into revenue. New consumer engagement solutions go beyond generating leads to create a seamless consumer experience that generates immediate and focused growth in your system.

3. Strengthen Referring-Physician Relationships

Physician outreach and business development programs can be easily derailed by competing priorities and distractions. Sharpen execution with a game-changing playbook for a data-driven outreach program strategy supported by laser-focused provider targeting, new or updated sales collateral and referral tools, and best-in-class physician liaison training and physician relationship management program (PRM).

4. Build Lifetime Customer Value

Market disruptors are investing billions to gain the loyalty of patients and capture market share. Hospitals can proactively counter this when they stop chasing transactional care and develop solutions that leverage deep data insights to build engagement, relationships, overall customer value, and share of wallet.

Healthcare Leadership Resources:

Tiller-Hewitt’s wealth of case studies, webinars and podcasts feature senior leaders who bring strategic growth solutions and case studies to life. They focus on practical ways to prioritize and execute initiatives proven to drive rapid impact strategic growth through intentional, transparent engagement with physicians, communities, payers, and even competitors.

Through Tiller-Hewitt’s leadership resources, the healthcare industry has access to insights and experience on a full spectrum of rapid-impact strategic growth topics.


Bottomline results matter. These case studies and articles demonstrate why CEOs make Tiller-Hewitt their first call to help them solve their toughest barriers to growth and rapidly deliver strategic results.


Senior leaders focus on practical ways to prioritize and execute initiatives proven to drive rapid impact strategic growth:

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